Green Coffee Bean Extract

losing-weightLosing weight is one of the toughest challenges we can face. The rollercoaster ride of going up and down on the scale is stressful and can add a great deal of pressure to one’s life. It can damage self-esteem and create havoc on lives in general. Being overweight can come with additional health complications and can also hurt relationships and generally make people very depressed.

There are as many reasons to lose weight and keep at a healthy weight rather than going up and down as there are weight loss products on the market. It is a billion dollar industry and if you ever think you are alone in facing this problem just walk into a health food store or down the pharmacy section at your grocery store and you will see dozens of products all claiming to help you loss those extra pounds.

It can get quite overwhelming pretty quickly if you are trying to decipher which weight loss product to try and to find out which one is going to help you achieve your goals without breaking your bank account.

How many products or diets have you tried already and how many products or diets have failed? If you could add up all the money you have spent over the years you probably go afford to go to some exclusive ‘fat farm’ of the stars and have someone cook all your meals and drag you to the gym.

How many products or diets have you tried already and how many products or diets have failed?

But the reality is that most of us don’t have that kind of money to spend at one of those overpriced resorts and most of us don’t have the time or energy to invest in yet another weight loss scam that is featured on the front of the magazines at the checkout. But we do know that we really, truly want to lose weight for once and for all.

Well maybe this is your final trip down the weight loss lane. The green coffee bean extract has been delivering some pretty amazing results – so much so that even Dr. Oz has been getting excited about what he is seeing and if he gets excited, it’s worth finding out more.

The green coffee bean extract contains a substance called chlorgenic acid. And this acid works to inhibit the releasing of glucose and at the same time it then also helps to increase your metabolism. And in turn, when you have a faster metabolic rate, your body becomes more efficient at burning off fat … so burning more fat means you will lose more weight. And when you lose more weight you will keep burning more fat and so on and so on.

pure-green-coffee-bean-extractSo the good cycle will continue and overall you will notice a difference on the scale and that is what you are striving to achieve in the end.

But on your way to achieving your weight loss goal you don’t need to suffer needlessly by also suffering the negative effects of a weight loss product that contains a lot of caffeine. And you don’t have to try to drink extra coffee to try and benefit from some of the claims that coffee gets toward helping to lose weight. You don’t need to lose sleep or being jittery either – no the green coffee bean extract give you the benefit of losing weight without any of the downsides.

But it is also good to note that not all green coffee bean weight loss supplements are created equal. Make sure you look at the labels carefully and find a company that you can trust. Look for the maximum amount of green coffee bean extract you can find and make sure it is pure. Avoid a product that has a lot of fillers or unwanted added chemicals. And find a company that has garnered a good reputation and that has client testimonials – people just like you who have tried their product and who have been successful in losing weight.

Then all you need to do next is start planning that next summer vacation so you can show off your great new body! Now that sounds like fun, doesn’t it!

Green Coffee Bean Extract

coffee-cupMany weight loss supplements on the shelves today contain caffeine and for good reason. Caffeine has long been thought to be an effective way to lose weight and millions of people over the years have bought into that and in fact, many have had some success in shedding those excess pounds.

But coming alongside of that weight loss has also meant for some folks, loss of sleep, increased nervousness, jittery feelings, stomach cramps, and aggravated intestines. In fact, those side effects have meant that lots of people end up not even finishing that box of supplements that they spent so much money on – not the ideal solution or weight loss result they were looking for that is for sure.

So how can you get the same results from a caffeine-containing pill without feeling sick or sleep deprived? Well that is where the green coffee bean extract comes in!

The green coffee bean extract is actually just the famous roasted coffee bean that we all know and love before it is processed and roasted. The actual caffeine content is much lower than its darker, more aromatic derivative but it is actually more effective and helping with weight loss because in its more unprocessed state it still contains a little known substance called chlorogenic acid. And it’s this acid that is being realized as the key to weight loss success not caffeine.

Chlorogenic acid actually helps your body to inhibit the releasing of glucose in the body and then that helps to increase your overall metabolism

chlorogenic-acidHow it works is that the chlorogenic acid actually helps your body to inhibit the releasing of glucose in the body and then that helps to increase your overall metabolism – which we all know helps the body to release stored fat. And the real magic is that when we increase the amount of fat our bodies can burn, then more weight we lose.

And guess what – it really can be simple to lose weight. This superfood, that was recently featured on Dr. Oz, is becoming more well-known just because it’s effective, has no side effects, and the pounds are dropping off! Now isn’t that something that you want?

So stop putting off realizing your weight loss goals and finally get to where you want to be. Look for a supplement containing the green coffee bean extract that also has no fillers, chemicals, or junk – find a pure supplement and you will be so happy you did! You deserve to look and feel good – and isn’t it inspiring to finally know that this is within your reach!

And the best news is that you really don’t have to procrastinate getting that gym membership or making your family suffer through yet another fad diet. No, you can just take the pure green coffee bean extract as a supplement before meals three times a day and sit back and watch the result unfold before your very eyes and on your scale.

Once you start to notice that difference of dropping pounds, you will find yourself feeling more motivated, more confident, more self-assured and that in turn helps you stay motivated to lose more weight – and so on and so on.

So why not getting started toward you new you today?

Green Coffee Bean Extract

new-years-diet-coffeeAs we head into the New Year, millions of people around the world will vow to change their lives in some way or another. For many people, their one main goal is to lose weight, the New Year is a great time to start a diet since it’s a new beginning. However, for most people weight loss can be tough, so why not add something to your diet that can make your life easier?

Green coffee extract has been around for a while now and is easily the top selling weight loss product on the market. Unlike other weight loss products, most green coffee extract users actually see quality weight loss results, which is part of the reason why the green coffee extract craze hasn’t died.

Green coffee’s popularity really stems from its’ appearance on the Dr. Oz show. In late April, Dr. Oz aired an episode of his show labeled “Five Fastest Fat Burners.” He claimed green coffee extract was the ultimate fat burner to bust belly fat and get rid of unwanted pounds.

Still not convinced about green coffee extract? Let’s look at the evidence:

The research study:
The green coffee extract study conducted in January 2012 is really what got the medical community looking at green coffee extract. In this green coffee study, 22 adult participants were given green coffee extract or a placebo over a 12-week period.

After the 12-week period, researchers found participants lost about 18 pounds on average, which is a drop of roughly 10% of their total body weight. These results were found despite the unusually high caloric intake of participants of 2,200 calories per day.

research-doctorResearchers identified chlorogenic acid as the key component in green coffee extract, which allows for weight loss. Chlorogenic inhibits glucose production and also boosts the liver’s ability to metabolize fat.

Recommendation by Dr. Oz: Dr. Oz is well respected in the medical community and has helped thousands of people lose weight with his advice. He wouldn’t recommend a product that is fraudulent.

Testimonials: The Internet is literally littered with green coffee testimonials. Never before has a product gained so much popularity and actually delivered results.

Ready to change your life?

If you’re ready to begin your transformation, you need to look at Green Coffee Pure, the #1 rated green coffee extract supplement on the market. Green Coffee Pure contains 500mgs of the highest quality pure green coffee bean extract on the market.

Like Dr. Oz recommends, there is a 45% concentration of CLA (chlorogenic acid). This is the percentage used in the research study mentioned above and in all of the current research studies underway.

Green Coffee Pure comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so that you can receive a full refund if you don’t see the results you desire.

Thousands of people have successfully lost weight with Green Coffee Pure and you can be next! Take the first step by ordering Green Coffee Pure and start your New Year off right!


Green Coffee Bean Extract

The power of green coffee extract is undeniable, especially when you look at the thousands of success stories from all over the world. However, not everyone is seeing results and this is due to one main reason – they are eating the wrong foods.

While green coffee extract is an amazing metabolism booster, if you are eating the wrong foods, you’re going to counteract the power of green coffee extract. Therefore, here are the main food groups you should avoid at all costs:

fast-food-4Fast food: Fast food is obviously a no-brainer in our list of foods to avoid. While fast food is harmful regardless of the diet you are on, consuming fast food on a regular basis is arguably one of the worst things you can do for your waistline. Not only is fast food loaded with calories and fats, but also most fast food menu items are loaded with salt, which raises your blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore, pack your lunch and avoid the terrible quality of fast food.

Soda: Regular soda is obviously bad for containing high fructose corn syrup, 140 calories per can (on average), and loads of unneeded sugar. However, diet soda isn’t much better. While you think diet soda might be better, the truth is it’s just as bad for you. All soda is carbonated which causes your stomach to bloat and expand. This
allows you to eat more and has been directly linked to overeating.

alcoholAlcohol (for the most part): Alcohol influences a hormone in our body called cortisol. Cortisol is one of the most widely known hormones for weight gain because cortisol levels are directly related to fat production. Therefore, excessive consumption of alcohol is not recommended for weight loss.

However, with that being said, enjoying an alcoholic beverage every so often isn’t going to going to totally derail your diet. Plus, alcohol does relieve some stress, which is a diet killer, so making smart decisions regarding alcohol is best choice.

Simple processed carbs: Simple processed foods are arguably the worst type of food you can consume. Chips, pretzels, snack foods – essentially anything with white flour has a major negative impact on your weight loss. These foods all have little nutritional value, have a high caloric count, and are known to cause insulin spikes in the body.

Insulin spikes are the worst effect of consuming processed carbs because an insulin spike causes the body to immediately create more fat. Instead of burning fat for energy, your body turns the switch on to store fat, which obviously is bad for weight loss. Even worse, there are some studies that have shown evidence that an insulin spike can actually cause muscle loss, which is counteractive of what you want.

Overall, if you make healthy diet choices, green coffee extract will help you lose more weight in a faster period of time. Some people have lost upwards of 50lbs. using green coffee extract and following a healthy diet. While green coffee extract is not a miracle pill, it’s still the most powerful weight loss supplement available, so use it wisely and you’ll see the results you want.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee is a powerful, efficient weight loss supplement that can help you lower your weight in a safe, steady manner. However, there is no magic bullet for weight loss, which means you should still practice healthy habits to ensure you not only lose weight but also improve your health in the process. Here are some things you should to while using Green Coffee to achieve the best results:


Exercise has literally hundreds of benefits to your health, even if you only exercise for 30 minutes a day. A brisk walk outside can dramatically improve your weight loss and will improve your health. In fact, doctors say that 30 minutes of exercise per day can significantly decrease your risk for cardiovascular problems down the road, even if exercise is performed at a low to medium intensity.

Plus, although Green Coffee can efficiently boost your metabolism, exercise will extend this metabolic boost for a longer period of time. In other words, you can burn more calories for a longer period of time just by taking half an hour a day to perform some physical activity.


Diet is obviously key when it comes to losing weight. For the most part, your diet should consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, and whole grain foods. While these food groups should be a staple part of your diet, Green Coffee does allow you some flexibility in your diet.

Despite what you may have heard, consuming a dessert twice a week is not going to completely throw off your diet. You deserve to splurge every so often and in fact research shows that enjoying a sweet treat every so often is actually beneficial to weight loss because it cuts down on the likelihood of a major binge, which is often the cause for a diet to crash.

The one area most dieters tend to fail is due to excess calories from drinks. Soda and sugary drinks should really be avoided in general. Green tea and water are really the only two acceptable drinks on a diet, but having a cup of coffee in the morning will not harm your health.

Alcohol, like soda, should be avoided for the most part. Alcohol causes the body to naturally increase cortisol levels, in other words, alcohol causes your body to increase its’ production of fat.


Sleep is the final area to pay attention to when using Green Coffee. For most people, 8 hours of sleep is needed to achieve a full recovery and to allow the body to fully rest. Failure to sleep enough slows down the body’s metabolism and slows the entire body, which is obviously the opposite of what you want. Therefore, make sure to get enough sleep.


These three areas are the most important best practices to follow when using Green Coffee. Following a healthy lifestyle will allow Green Coffee extract to improve your health and reduce your weight in a safe, effective manner. Fail to follow these practices and you may not see the fast results you desire.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Like any supplement, you should carefully evaluate any potential side effects of green coffee extract before you take it. After all, green coffee extract is a new product in the diet world, so most people do not know much about it. So does green coffee extract possess any side effects and if so, what are they?

According to the human research studies recently conducted, there are no common severe side effects of green coffee extract. In the most recent study conducted at the University of Scranton, researchers noted zero complaints from participants of any negative health effects or negative impacts on the participant’s daily lives.

With that being said, there is a small amount of caffeine found in green coffee extract. Those with caffeine allergies should be wary of taking green coffee extract especially if he or she has a severe caffeine allergy. For everybody else, there is only a tiny amount of caffeine in green coffee extract, so you should not be worried about having those jittery feelings often associated with caffeine.

In summary, green coffee extract is a safe product that is free from side effects. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult their doctor before trying green coffee extract as well as children.

Now that we know green coffee extract is safe by itself, what about green coffee supplements? Are they safe?

While most green coffee extract supplements are safe, there are a few things you can do to make sure you buy a green coffee supplement that is safe and free of side effects. Below are a just a few of the things we recommend you check before buying green coffee extract:

Inspect the label: The label should give you a basic idea of whether or not a product is safe or not. Check to see if the green coffee supplement you are considering has any added caffeine to it. Most green coffee supplements contain 20-30mgs of caffeine per capsule, which is less than one soda.
Also, make sure that the supplement in question does not possess any filler ingredients. Filler ingredients are useless ingredients added to make a product cheaper. You’ll often find fillers in cheap supplements, priced below $30.

Check the manufacturing location: Supplements manufactured in an unsafe or unclean environment can become contaminated and dangerous to take. Therefore, it is important you find a supplement that is manufactured in a lab in the US or in Canada. Both of these countries have strict quality controls to ensure any supplement you take is clean and of the highest quality.

Read the reviews: Ultimately, the best thing you can do to determine whether or not something is safe is to read the reviews from actual customers. A company might say its’ product is safe but you never truly know that is factual unless real customers say it is. Therefore, the testimony and reviews from customers should be the final piece of evidence you need to determine whether or not a product is safe.


For the most part, no matter which green coffee product you buy will be safe and side effect free. However, the effectiveness of green coffee products varies wildly, so you should also do your research on how effective specific green coffee extract supplements are.

If you want a quality green coffee supplement, consider Green Coffee Pure. Green Coffee Pure has helped thousands of people melt away fat and get rid of unwanted pounds. Plus, with a 60-day money back guarantee and excellent customer service there is no reason not to try Green Coffee Pure.

If you’d like more information about Green Coffee Pure, consider reading our Green Coffee Pure review.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Now that the initial green coffee extract craze is over, hopeful dieters are taking a step back and wondering whether or not green coffee extract pills actually aid in weight loss. While the raw data is there, most people cannot decipher the science behind green coffee extract.  So how does green coffee extract cause weight loss and do green coffee extract pills actually work?

Chlorogenic Acid is what burns fat.

It’s well documented that chlorogenic acid is the key ingredient in green coffee extract that possesses the weight loss benefits.

Chlorogenic acid does a few main things to the body:

First, Chlorogenic acid slows down glucose absorption almost to a standstill. Therefore, instead of storing this sugar as fat in your body, your digestive system will convert the glucose into usable energy. This prevents weight gain and increased fat mass.

Second, chlorogenic acid stimulates a number of hormones and glands in the body, which all impact the body’s metabolism in some manner. By directly stimulating these hormones and glands, your body sends instructions to the liver to start converting fat storages into usable energy.

But what if I don’t exercise regularly? I won’t need that extra energy!

The best part about chlorogenic acid is that it boosts your resting metabolic rate, or RMR. As you may expect, your resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories you burn while resting, or otherwise not exercising. By increasing your RMR, the excess energy created from burning fat can be immediately burned off as opposed to being converted back into fat.

Therefore, you can burn fat and lose weight without spending hours on the treadmill. This is one of the main selling points of green coffee extract pills and was highlighted as a unique benefit of green coffee extract in the recently published weight loss study.
So, green coffee extract itself works, but what about green coffee extract pills? Surely, there are green coffee extract scams out there, right?

There are green coffee extract scams to look out for and here some ways you can ensure you buy green coffee extract pills that actually work:

Green coffee beans.

Avoid the cheap products: Quality green coffee extract pills have to use pure green coffee bean extract, which increases the price substantially. In the supplement world, cheap does not equal better, so avoid the cheap green coffee extract pills. Realistically, expect to pay about $40-50 for a 30-day supply of green coffee extract pills.

See where the green coffee pills are manufactured: Green coffee extract pills that are not in made in the USA are more likely to contain cheap or even harmful ingredients. Therefore, make sure that a USA laboratory manufactured the green coffee extract pills in a safe, clean environment.

Check the amount of green coffee extract in each pill: Dr. Oz offered his professional recommended dose of 400mgs of green coffee extract taken twice per day. This should be what you look for when reading the label of a green coffee supplement.

If you do these three things, you are virtually guaranteed you will purchase green coffee extract pills that actually work. The main reason why green coffee extract doesn’t work for some people is that there is cheap ingredients, the pills themselves are of a low quality, or that there isn’t enough green coffee extract to see results. However, by following our guide you can ensure the green coffee extract you purchase is safe and effective.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Starbucks refresherThe gigantic national coffee brand by the name of Starbucks recently released a new drink. It’s called the Green Coffee Extract drink and it will change the way we think about coffee. Instead of taking the coffee bean and roasting it to create normal coffee, they took the green bean inside of it, extracted the ingredients and made a drink out it.

Green coffee bean extract has a ton of great benefits – we’ll go over them in a bit – and so this is a great step in getting the word out about it. However, Starbucks is definitely not the first organization to discover these benefits. Green coffee bean gain in popularity on the Dr. Oz show a few months back, and has been sold in capsules marketed as Green Coffee Pure for longer than that. In fact, Green Coffee Pure is a much better alternative to get the benefits of the green coffee extract than buying the drink every day.

Why Green Coffee Pure is Better than the Drink

It would be economic suicide to try to get all the benefits of green coffee bean extract through buying the Starbucks Green Coffee drink every day. Their prices are sky high and they make huge profits off their drinks. The better route is to take the Green Coffee Pure capsules every day. They are extremely cheap in comparison and they also offer extra benefits. With that, let’s look at the actual benefits of the green coffee bean extract!

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Increases Metablism Rates

Green coffee bean extract is most well-known for its ability to help people lose weight. This extract has been shown to help increase the metabolic rate, making it generally easier to lose weight and build muscle.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

When there is too much sugar in the blood, as is often the case with people in today’s world, it becomes toxic and the body has to overproduce both fat and insulin to combat it. It is never a good thing when the body is overproducing these two things. Too much sugar can cause diabetes and severe weight gain. But green coffee bean extract, like that found in Green Coffee Pure, helps to increase the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the body. This helps to cut down on the amount of insulin and fat needed to be produced by the body.

Trap Dangerous Free Radicals

Green coffee bean extract is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants have recently been found out to be extremely healthy components of any diet. They help trap dangerous free oxygen radicals that would otherwise damage cells and wreak havoc on the body. In fact, free oxygen radicals have been shown to be one of the causes of shorter life spans in this country and others. This is why antioxidants, like green tea and green coffee, have become so popular.


Like normal, roasted coffee, green coffee bean extract also provides a certain level of stimulation with caffeine. With every serving of Green Coffee Pure, there is about 20 mg of caffeine, compared to 100mg in a cup of black coffee. This means you get the stimulation without the jitters or anxiety.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans are not magic in and of themselves. It’s the extraction process and the chemicals inside the carefully extracted powder that make this such a popular weight loss supplement. The magic of the green coffee bean extract is found mostly in the presence of one thing – chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is what runs the show behind green coffee bean extract. It helps to regulate a number of different things in the body, mainly metabolism and glucose levels. Let’s take a look at this beautiful chemical that helps people to lose weight and lead generally healthier lives.

Faster Metabolism

The main purpose of chlorogenic acid, when it comes to weight loss, is its effect on metabolism. When our metabolism is faster, it’s easier to lose weight and gain muscle mass. When it slows down, fat and the weight it brings along seem to pile up. But the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract really makes it easier to speed up metabolism and encourage fat loss. It’s not exactly known how this work, but the general idea is that chlorogenic acid binds to fat receptors and encourage the breakdown of fat rather than having it sit in the body.

Anti-Oxidizing Power

There has been a lot of talk in the health industry in the last decade about anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants trap free oxygen radicals in the body to prevent them from damaging cells in the body. Without anti- oxidants, the body will either suffer from the damage of these radicals or produce fat to surround them and keep them from damaging anything. By taking a good anti-oxidant, this process can be skipped and those free oxygen radicals can be taken care of accordingly.

Good news! Chlorogenic acid is one of the best anti-oxidants on the market! For years green tea has been considered the best, but ever since green coffee bean extract has become widely popular, it’s challenged it as the best anti-oxidant on the market. All of because of the amazing power of chlorogenic acid.

Regulated Blood Sugar

But chlorogenic acid does not only trap free oxygen radicals as an anti-oxidant or speed up metabolism processes, it also helps to regulate glucose levels in the body! When you eat or drink a lot of sugar, the body treats it as a toxin. It produces either more fat or more insulin to protect against it. When your body is overproducing any of these two things, it’s not good news. But a chemical like chlorogenic acid will do the job that fat and insulin would otherwise do. It works to regulate glucose levels int the body without the damage that fat or insulin bring.

Chlorogenic acid is a miracle chemical for the body and the reason that green coffee bean extract has taken off as a weight loss supplement that actually works. When people like Dr. Oz or satisfied customers talk about how amazing this product is, you can give all that credit to the wonderful chlorogenic acid that’s found inside it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been widely acclaimed as one of the top weight loss supplements on the market today. The extract of the coffee bean before it’s roasted, this extract is known for it’s ability to reduce fat through it’s main ingredient, chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a wonderful ingredient to the green coffee bean extract that really makes it the weight loss supplement that is so famous today. But the extract has a ton of potential beyond the realm of just weight loss. It’s really a multi-tool for the human body. So let’s get into the diverse blend of benefits that you can gain through a green coffee bean extract regiment.

A Great Antioxidant

Green coffee bean extract is said to rival green tea, the long-time champ of antioxidants, in terms of how strong and healthy an antioxidant it is. Anti-oxidants work to trap and eliminate free oxygen radicals in the body. What are free oxygen radicals you ask? Well, they are one of the main things that lead to cell degeneration, cancer and early death in the United States. Antioxidants, like the extract or green tea, help to battle against these radicals and give the body an overall better bill of health.

Blood Sugar Regulator

Having too much sugar in the body is just bad news. When sugar is not quickly absorbed, it becomes toxic to the body. The body has to produce unnatural amounts of insulin and fat in order to combat the new toxin. Insulin and fat are not things that we want too much of in the body. Thankfully, green coffee bean extract has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels by increasing the absorption rate of glucose in the body. This gets the sugar absorbed faster and before it can turn toxic in the body.

Lower Blood Pressure

Because green coffee bean extract helps to raise metabolism rates in the body, the body creates less fat. When it creates less fat, people are much less obese. And when people are less obese, guess what, they have lower blood pressure! Having lower blood pressure much decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, so this could be the best benefit of them all.

Stimulation in Moderation

While black coffee gives you too much caffeine, this extract contains the perfect amount to get you stimulated without overstimulating you. In each serving of the extract there is about 20-40 mg of caffeine, compared to over 100mg in most servings of coffee. This extract can help you get work done without giving you the jitters or shakes. I know that whenever I use it, I’m pleasantly stimulated and have a bit of a clearer head.

Green coffee bean extract has a tremendous amount of great benefits beyond its amazing effects on weight loss. It can help fight those nasty free oxygen radicals, it regulates blood sugar, it lowers blood pressure and it even gives you that extra boost of motivation. If you’re interested in losing weight as well as having all of these other great benefits, give green coffee bean extract a shot today.